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[20] the remotest parts of the earth have always the best products, and india, the remotest inhabited land to the east, was no exception.the birds and the quadrupeds were far greater in size here than elsewhere, with the exception of the horse; for the nisæan horses of the medes were larger than the horses of the indians.moreover, india possessed an extraordinary abundance of gold, of which some was dug up from mines, and some brought down by the rivers, and some obtained from the deserts.the wild trees also produced a wool which in beauty and excellence surpassed the wool of sheep; this the indians used for clothing.there were many nations of the indians, and they spoke different languages.some were stationary; some dwelt in the marshes of the rivers, and lived on raw fish, which they caught in canoes made of reeds, and every joint of the reed made a canoe.these indians wore garments of bark, which they wove like cloths, and then drew on like coats of mail.eastward of these dwelt the padæans, a migratory tribe, who ate raw flesh; and when any one, even the nearest relative, among them was sick, they slew him, in order to eat the corpse.this custom was also observed by the women.even the few who attained to old age they killed, in order to eat them.other indian nations lived only on herbs, which they ate cooked, and troubled themselves neither about their sick nor their dead, whom they carried out, like the sick, into desert places.all the nations spoken of were black in colour.[21] these, the oldest accounts from the west on the ancient prearyan population of india, and on the blackskins of the rigveda, we owe to herodotus.his statements about their physical formation are correct; those on their savage life may be exaggerated; but even to this day a part of these nations live in the marshes and mountains in a condition hardly removed from that of animals.the contrast between the lightcoloured and dark population of india, between the aryas and the ancient inhabitants, did not escape ctesias.india, he maintained, was as large as the rest of asia, and the inhabitants of india almost as numerous as all the other nations put together.the indians were both white and black.he had himself seen white indians, five men and two women.the sun in india appeared ten times as large as in other lands, and the heat was suffocating.the indus was a great river flowing through mountains and plains; in the narrowest places the water occupied a space of 40 stades, or five miles, in the broadest it reached 100 stades.[22] the river watered the land.in india it did not rain, and there were no storms there, though there were violent whirlwinds which carried everything before them.[23] on the indus grew reeds small and great; the stoutest reeds could not be spanned by two men, and the height of the largest was equal to the mast of a ship.[24] the fruit of the palms also in india was three times as large as in babylonia, and the sheep and goats there were equal in size to asses elsewhere, and had such enormous tails that they had to be cut off to enable them to walk.ctesias goes on to describe the large cocks of india, with their beautiful combs, and broad tails of gold, darkblue, and emerald; the peacocks, the manycoloured birds with red faces, darkblue necks, and black beards, which had a human tongue, and could speak indian, and would speak greek if they were taught; the little apes with tails four cubits long.[25] he was the first to describe the elephant to the greeks.[26] he had seen these animals, and had been present in babylon when the elephants of the persian king had torn up palm trees with their roots out of the ground.these animals could even throw down the walls of cities.in war the king of india was preceded by 100,000 elephants, and 3000 of the strongest and bravest followed him.[27] after the army of alexander of macedon had encamped in the panjab, the greeks could give more accurate accounts of india.megasthenes assures us that india reached in breadth, from west to east, an extent of from 15,000 to 16,000 stades (1940 to 2000 miles), while the length, from north to south, was 22,000 stades (2750 miles);[28] and in these distances he is not very greatly in error, for, measured in a direct line, the breadth is 13,600 stades (1720 miles), and the length 16,400 stades (2050 miles).to the north india was bounded by lofty mountains, which the greeks called caucasus, and the indians paropamisos (paropanishadha[29]), and emodos, or imaos.emodos, like imaos, is the greek form of the old indian name for the himalayas, haimavata (himavat).[30] in india there were many great mountains, but still greater plains; and even the mountains were covered with fruittrees, and contained in their bowels precious stones of various kindscrystals, carbuncles, and others.gold also and silver, metals and salt, could be obtained from the mines,[31] and the rivers carried down gold from the mountains.[32] the streams of india were the largest and the most numerous in the world.the indus was larger than the nile, and all the rivers of asia; the ganges, which took an easterly direction on reaching the plains, was a great river even at its source, and reached a width of 100 stades, or 121/2 miles.in many places it formed lakes, so that one bank could not be seen from the other, and its depth reached 20 fathoms.[33] the first statement is exaggerated, the second is correct for the lower course of the river.the indus, according to megasthenes, had 15 navigable affluents, and the ganges 19, the names of which he could enumerate.[34] in all there were 58 navigable rivers in india.this abundance of streams in india the greeks explained by the fact that the lands which surrounded the countryariana, as the greeks call eastern iran, bactria, and the land of the scythianswere higher than india, so that the waters from them flowed down, and were collected there.[35] the water was also the cause of the great fertility of india, which the greeks unite in extolling.the rivers not only brought down, as nearchus observes, soft and good earth into the land from the hills,[36] but they traversed it in such a manner that, from the universal irrigation, it was turned into a fruit garden.[37] onesicritus tells us that india is better irrigated by its rivers than egypt by its canals.the nile flows straight on through a long and narrow land, and so is continually passing into a different climate and different air, while the indian rivers flow through much larger and broader plains, and continue long in the same region.hence they are more nourishing than the nile, and the fish are larger than the fish in the nile;[38] they also refresh the land better by their moist exhalations.[39] besides, there were the inundations caused by the rivers; and the land was also watered by the heavy rains, which fell constantly each year at a fixed period with the regular winds, so that the rivers rose fully 20 cubits above their beds,a statement quite accurate,and in many places the plains were changed into marshes,[40] in consequence of which the indus had sometimes taken a new channel through them.[41] since, then, the warmth of the sun was the same in india as in arabia and ethiopia,for india lay far to the south, and in the most southern parts of the land the constellation of the bear was seen no longer, and the shadows fell in the other direction, i.e

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