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to the south,[42]while in india there was more water and a moister atmosphere than in those other countries, the creatures of the water, air, and land were much larger and stronger in india than anywhere else.[43] further, as the water in the river and that which fell from heaven was tempered by the suns heat, the growth of the roots and plants was extraordinarily vigorous.the strength of the tiger, which, according to megasthenes, is twice the size of the lion, the docility of the elephant, the splendour of the birds, were the admiration of the greeks.with horror they saw the whale for the first time in the indian waters.nearchus caused his ship to be rowed forward at double speed to contend with this peaceful monster of the deep.according to the statement of megastheneswhich for the land of the ganges is quite correctthere are two harvests in india.for the winter sowing rice and barley were used, and other kinds of fruit unknown to the greeks; for the summer sowing, sesame, rice, and bosmoron; while during the rainy season flax and millet were planted, so that in india want and famine were unknown.[44] equally luxuriant in growth were the herbs and reeds.there was a reed there which produced honey without bees (the sugarcane); and in southern india cinnamon, nard, and the rest of the spices grew as well as in arabia and ethiopia.[45] the greeks did not know that the cinnamon is a native of india only, and that the bark came to them from that country, though it came through arabia.the marshes of india were filled with roots, wholesome or deadly; the trees there grew to a larger size than elsewhere; some were so tall that an arrow could not be shot over them, and the leaves were as large as shields.there were other trees there of which the trunks could not be spanned by five men, and the branches, as though bent, grew downwards till they touched the earth, and then, springing up anew, formed fresh trunks, to send out other arches, so that from one tree was formed a grove, not unlike a tent supported by many poles.fifty or even 400 horsemen could take their midday rest under such a tree.nearchus even goes so far as to say that there were trees of this kind under which there was room for 10,000 men.[46] there were also trees in india which produced intoxicating fruits.this description of the indian fig tree and the statements about the shelter its branches afford are not exaggerated.by intoxicating fruits the coco and fanpalms are, no doubt, meant, from which palmwine is made.[47] the northern, _i.e._ the lightcoloured, indians, or aryas, are said by the greeks of this period to have most closely resembled the egyptians in the colour of their skin and their shape.they were light, delicate, and slim of body, and not so heavy as other nations.they were free from diseases, for their climate was healthy, and their land possessed good air, pure water, and wholesome fruits.the southern indians, _i.e._ the nonaryan population, who were at that time far less broken up in the deccan by aryan and other settlers than now, and must therefore have existed in far greater masses, were not quite so black as the ethiopians (the negroes), and had not, like them, a snub nose and woolly hair.strabo was of opinion that their colour was not so black owing to the moist air of india, which also caused the hair of the inhabitants to be straight.[48] of the 200 millions, at which the population of india is now estimated, more then 150 millions either spring from the aryas or have adopted their civilisation.the number of the darkcoloured races, dwelling in the mountains and broad marshes, who have remained free from the dominion of the aryas, the mohammedans, and the english, and are, therefore, strangers to their civilisation, is estimated at 12 millions.footnotes: [1] whitney, language, p.327; benfey, geschichte der sprachwissenchaft, s.598.[2] rigveda, 1, 59, 2; 7, 5, 6; 10, 69, 6.cf.manu, 10, 45.that in the rigveda the dasyus are always enemies, and even evil spirits, is beyond a doubt, and cannot excite any wonder when we remember how the indians confound the natural and supernatural; muir, sanskrit texts, 2^2, 358 ff.on the original meaning of the word dasyu, and its signification in the mahabharata, cf.lassen, ind.alterth.1^2, 633.[3] muir, _loc.cit._ 5, 110, 113.[4] lassen, _loc.cit._ 1^2, 440.[5] lassen, _loc.cit._ 1^2, 461.[6] according to whitney (language, p.327), the language of the kolas and santals is quite distinct from the dravidian languages

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