norah was very good to me she had my highchair ran

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norah was very good to me.she had my highchair ranged at the side of the hearth, and the cat, under compulsion, sat on my lap, and they all sang,the kettle, the cat, and norah, in their several fashions, as if they were happy.they acted very much as if they were entertaining royalty.if it had not been for my sorrow i should have enjoyed myself, but the thought of that bird would pass across my mind.she had come once when she was sent for, bearing me from my lily leaf to my own home.the rain might fall, and the day might be very dark, but who was to know if that conscientious bird would not still fulfill her mission? why, there were five children in the next house, and the bird must have brought them all! when the bell rang, as it rang many times in the course of the day, i would creep to the kitchen door to listen, and feel greatly relieved when i found that it was only men and women who wanted to come in.it was no burrd, norah would say, reporting on each occasion.did you lock the door? i asked, anxiously.i did that.theres no burrd shall make her way into this house today, she answered, with a great show of determination.even as she spoke there came a faint strange sound from upstairs, a wailing cry, as though something very weak was angry and frightened, and wanted matters arranged to suit its own will and convenience.for one moment i thought norah heard the sound, too.she seemed to smile; but on the instant she broke into a queer, elfish song, and began to dance before the fire in an irresistible way that brought me capering beside her in a burst of glee.the bird had passed out of my mind, and i was rhoda again, the little queen of the household, to whom all deferred, even grandmother in her tenderer moments.it was very late that afternoon when i heard my father calling to me in an eager, excited manner.he came out into the kitchen where i and the cat were both in norahs lap, indistinguishable in the growing darkness.where is rhoda? he cried.where is my little daughter? ive got something to show her.i went to him quickly.it was nice to have him back again, and to be kissed in the old fond way.he threw me upon his shoulder and started off; but even as we stepped into the hall he called back to norah, still with that boyish eagerness in his voice.you can come, too, norah, he said, generously.i want you to see what weve got upstairs.norah joined us without comment, and followed behind through the hall and upstairs into mothers room.there it was very dark, for the curtains were drawn, and the only light came from the fire on the hearth, in front of which grandmother was sitting.she sat in a new majestic style, and on her lap there was something bundled up which she patted from time to time, and she trotted her feet in a funny seasaw fashion.when she saw us come in she smiled, and then very slowly she folded down a covering, and showed us a pillow, and on the pillow there were two little babies heads.twins! norah cried, and threw up her arms in the air.now the saints be good to us, she said, piously.ssshnot so loud, norah, grandmother whispered, in rebuke, and trotted her feet a little harder.let rhoda see, father exclaimed.let rhoda come quite close.i went up closer by grandmothers knee and looked at them.it was a new experience, and for a moment i felt sorry for myself.those about me must have shared the feeling, for their eyes grew kinder, and father patted my back, and norah muttered under her breath.sure its a come down in the world, i heard her say, pityingly.then, suddenly, those two little creatures half opened their eyes, and gazed at me.they smiled at me! they knew that i was their big sister! oh, the wonder of the two little heads on the pillow, the mystery of the eyes that looked at me so placidly, with that smile of kinship in their depths! i forgot the bird, i forgot my jealousy.i was ready to give them anything, anything, even the woolly dog and the yellow basket with the red handle, for the simple honor of their acquaintanceship.they were so young, and they were so weak! they could not walk, and they could not talk.they had everything to learn.i felt very old beside them, although i did not know that in that first moment when grandmother turned the covering down i had become the eldest child.oh, grandma, i cried, radiantly, you may have one, but the other one shall belong all to me! there was a movement in the bed, and some one called to me.i ran into the darkness and found my mother.there on the pillow beside her pretty dark hair she made a place for me, where we could see each others eyes.her arm was about me in a protecting way, as if she knew how hard the world had become for me.rhoda, she said, with that smile which always seemed so wise, mothers heart is a big, big place! there is room in it both for dear little rhoda and the dear little babies.i felt that i was content.ii lilyann this is lilyann, rhoda, my mother said, in an introductory tone.she is to be your little nurse, and play with you

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