never mind father i said eagerly rhoda wont run

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never mind, father, i said, eagerly.rhoda wont run away.he took me up with rather an apologetic laugh.little daughter, he said, in a tender way, did i ever tell you about the big bird? no, father, i answered, quickly.not about the time when it brought me rhoda? i stared at him with delighted eyes.evidently i was going to hear something of great importance, something which concerned me alone.three years ago, my father began, in an easy fashion, i thought id like a little daughter.so i sent a letter to a beautiful big bird which lives far away where the blue sky comes down to the ground.the bird has lots of little babiesgirl babies and boy babieson the shore of a lake where the sun shines day and night.shes a very goodnatured bird, and sometimes when she hears of a father whos lonely because he hasnt any children, shell put a little baby under her wing, and fly on over the beautiful country until she comes to its fathers house.now the bird knew that i was very lonely, because i had sent her a letter, so one day she picked up little rhoda out of a lily leaf, and came flying alongflying along i remember! i remember! i cried, clapping my hands.she put me under her wing, and the feathers did tickle so! my father stopped to laugh; but in a moment he continued his narrative.she came flying along straight into the garden where i was walking about.she put you down and you said, is this my little rhoda? and i said, yes, father! just so.now tell it all over again, father, i demanded in delight.my father laughed and hugged me closer.he still had that apologetic look on his face, and if i had been a little older and a little wiser, i would have known that my father was trying very hard to break something to me.she has a great many babies, he said at last, in an uneasy tone.more than she knows what to do with.yesterday i wrote her to send me another rhoda.i drew away from him, dumbfounded.another rhoda! i exclaimed, with a gasp, frowning at him.wouldnt you like a little sister to play with? he inquired, tenderly.to sleep with you in your crib? and sit by you at the table? no, father.oh, yes, yes, you would, rhoda! no, no, no! i screamed, breaking into angry tears.he tried to comfort me in a blundering, laughing manner, but in the midst of all my sorrow grandmothers voice called to him from above.robert! when the room cleared before my eyes i saw that i was alone.at that same moment i had decided on my course of action.very quickly, very quietly, i collected my plate and mug, my woolly dog and pleasant faced doll, and the yellow basket with the red handle, and stowed them all away in a dark corner under the sofa, where they were hidden from sight.my blue hood which hung in the hall, and was something quite new and precious, i put on my head, where it would be safest.then half terrified, half defiant, i took up my position at the window to watch for the arrival of that other self which would dispute my realm.every second i dreaded to hear the flutter of wings as the bird passed over the house, and to see another rhoda standing expectant in the garden, to see my father, perhaps, hurrying to meet her with outstretched arms.it was a terrible hour.in my need, however, i found a new friend, norah from out the kitchen.i had known her before, as a person owning unlimited cake, and apt to display a strong liking for myself, but then she had been only an outsider, while now she was almost nearer to me than my mother.i threw myself straight into her willing arms, and told my story.norah was evidently astonished, and almost incredulous.she did not believe that there could be another rhoda.she had never heard of any bird, but when i persisted she shared my views, and entered into my position with great partisanship.but, sure, id not worrit my mind, norah said, consolingly.no burrd in her sinses would take a baby out in such weather as this.to be sure it was raining.i had not thought of that before.a fierce storm was beating against the house, and pools of water stood under the trees.the raindrops on the window pane ran down in small rivulets, and splashed against the sill just as my tears had done before.shell get her feathers all wet, i cried, triumphantly.and shell not dry them at my kitchen fire! norah declared, with stupendous daring.we were out in the kitchen now.it was a very pleasant homely place.a kettle sang on the stove, and a cat purred on the hearth, and the carpet had beautiful red stripes that seemed too pretty to walk on

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