there was a house called clover cottage and there

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  Socrates once said, An unexamined life is not worth living. As in the following example。
there was a house called clover cottage, and there had lived in it a man named ossington, an avowed eccentricfor i had made inquiries in the neighbourhood, and had learned that he had been regarded thereabouts as more or less insane.suppose, in this empty house of his, he had hidden something which was more or less valuable, for which there existed no actual owner, nor any designated heir.what then? the speaker paused again.then spoke more softly.on his countenance the shadows seemed to deepen.you must understand that i am a poor man.all the world that knows me is conscious of my poverty, but none but myself is aware how poor i really am.i have felt, and feel, that if i can only hold on, i shall win my way in my profession yet.but it is the holding on which is so difficult.some time ago i came to the end of my resources, and during the last year i have been living from hand to mouth.had i had my time more fully occupied i should have been able to banish from my mind the mans queer story; or had i seen my way to earn money sufficient to supply my daily needs, anyhow, without forfeiting my right to call myself a professional man, and so barring that gate to my future advancement; my thoughts would not have turned so frequently to that possibly hidden, useless hoard.i was frequently conscious that the whole thing might be, and probably was, a pure phantasm, and that there was no such hoard, and never had been; but, at the same time i was persuaded that ballingall had not been a conscious liar.things came to such a pitch that i found myself in possession of less than ten shillings, and with nothing pawnable on which to raise the windyou must forgive my entering on these details, but it is absolutely necessary if you are to have a complete comprehension of my position.this, i told myself, was absurd, and if there really was something hidden at clover cottage worth having, which could be had for the finding, it was absurder still.i started then and there with a halfformed resolution to put the matter to a final test, and to look for myself.i reached clover cottageto find that it was occupied.there was a plate outside, announcing that lessons were given in music.my mind had been in a tolerable state of confusion when i started.i was conscious of the apparent absurdity of my quest; and that consciousness had not grown less as i went on.the discovery that the house was tenanted made my confusion worse confounded.more than half ashamed of my errand, i was wholly at a loss what to do.while i hesitated, i chanced to glance up, and there, a few yards down the road, was.ballingall.i knew it was ballingall.this was madge.ella turned on her.you knew it was ballingall?how did you know it was ballingall? it seems to me that you know everything.miss brodie, observed bruce graham, very naturally draws her own conclusions.the sight of him turned me into a drivelling idiot.in the confusion of my mind his appearance on the scene at that particular moment seemed nothing short of supernatural.i felt as if i had been guilty of some act of treachery towards him, and as if he had sprung from goodness alone knew where to catch me in the very act.i blundered through the gate, knocked at the door and almost forced my way into the house.you did almost force your way into the house.madges tone was grim.im afraid i didand, being in, i blurted out some nonsense about being in search of music lessons, and generally misbehaved myself all round.as a climax, just as i was about to put an end to my intrusion, i saw ballingall staring at me through the window.i would not have encountered him then for all the hidden hoards the world contains.i entreated miss brodieto permit me to make my escape through the back doorand she did.yes, and insulted you as you went.graham rose from his seat.you behaved to me, miss brodie, infinitely better than i deserved.you would have been perfectly justified in summoning a policeman, and giving me into charge.i can only thank you for your forbearance.i assure you of my most extreme penitence.and while i cannot expect that you will forgive me at once but i do forgive you.madge had also risen.miss brodie.of course i do

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