this is the first time you have mentioned that it was he who sent it come on together they hurried

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this is the first time you have mentioned that it was he who sent it.come on! together they hurried down the stairs to the little room where the wedding gifts were on display.mark started across toward the mirror.the professors hand shot out.caught the younger mans arm.stand back! he cried in a terrible voice.do not go near that mirror.above all, do not pass in front of it! mark stared at the savant openmouthed.his earlier black despair was gone, now, replaced by sudden, inexplicable hope.why not? whats wrong? the other licked dry lips.nothing, i hope.the chances are a thousand to one that i am wrong.yet an idea came to me, my boy.an incredible idea, and a horrible one.and if it is righthe shook his head slowlymay god have mercy on elaine! carefully, then, they approached the mirror.the professor studied it through narrowed eyes from a vantagepoint far to one side.at last he turned to mark.do you notice any defects or flaws in the surface of that glass? he demanded.his daughters fiance nodded.the whole things out of kilter, professor.how would you describe it? what do you mean by out of kilter? mark considered for a moment.then: the impression i get is that this mirror was _poured_ into a circular form, instead of being cut to shape.and that while it was still molten, something struck it in the center, so that little ripples formed in the glass, all the way from the center to the outer edge.it was the scientists turn to nod.precisely my own view.moving away, he selected a candlestick and candle from among the gifts on display.he handed it to mark.i want you to move this stick in front of that glass, he instructed.however, you must be careful to stand well to one side, so that you, yourself, will not be reflected.whats the angle, professor? what do you expect to find? whats wrong with this mirror? the elder man shook his head, moved to a point where he could watch the surface of the glass.i do not know what to expect, he said.i may be completely on the wrong track.but his flashing eyes denied the words.seething with curiosity and excitement though he was, mark carefully carried out his instructions.he moved the candlestick back and forth and up and down until it had been reflected from every inch of the mirror.and the farther he progressed, the more excited elaines father became.the reflection is perfect! the old man cried.it is true! nowhere is there a single sign of distortion! yes.of course its true.mark was a little bewildered.why shouldnt it be? isnt every lookingglass supposed to throw back a reasonably exact image? of course, of course! the scientist was impatient.but can you not see the difference? the difference? what difference? mark: this is not an ordinary mirror.that is what i mean! it denies every law of optics! glass as full of waves and ripples as this apparently is should return hideously distorted reflections.yet it does not do so! but what we shall see.come on! bring the mirror to my laboratory.hesitating only long enough to throw a tablecloth across the face of the glass, the old man hurried out.mark strode along in his wake, the heavy mirror in his arms.together, they left the house and followed the bricked path to the little laboratory structure located at the far end of the lot.set it down here, in this rack, the professor instructed, indicating an easellike arrangement in one corner.he himself wheeled a strange electrical apparatus into position in front of the glass

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