after dinner grizel ill take you to see my roses

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after dinner, grizel, ill take you to see my roses.they are much more interesting.in that dress!in those slippers! gasped katrine outraged.as neither of her hearers volunteered a reply she considered the proposition ruled out of court, but after coffee had been served it was necessary to retire to her room to write an order to the stores, and upon her return, lo! the room was empty, the french windows stood apart, and in and out between the bushes of the knoll passed a shimmer of golden light.katrines first sensation was one of shocked surprise at the recklessness of garden promenades in a costly new gown, her second an impulse to go out in her turn, and make one of a party to enjoy the fragrant dusk.she had gathered up her skirts, was on the point of stepping through the window, when like a dart came the remembrance of grizels words, her avowed dislike to sharing a man; of martins evident agreement.she drew back, seated herself on the nearest chair, and digested the unwelcome thought.they would not want her!they had probably chosen the moment when she was out of the room to start on their ramble alone.if she were to join them now, her presence would form the proverbial trumpery.katrine could have understood it, could have sympathised frankly if it had been a case of love; lovers naturally wished to be alone, but martin and grizel were merely friends, not even intimate friends, since grizels visits had come at long intervals during the past years.they could have no sweet secrets to discuss.sitting alone in the room looking out into the dusk, a memory darted back out of the years.just so had she sat during her first visit to the house, in that brief summer of martins wedlock.she had been a young girl then, lately released from school.she recalled anew the loneliness which had fallen upon her, while martin and juliet roamed the garden paths, and she sat alone, listening to the soft burst of laughter, watching the flit of the white dress.a white dress, ghostlike, transparent; a light, slight thing, as befitted the youthful wearer.grizels dress was gold; it flashed an opulent orange and red.there was nothing ghostly about it; it was warm, and human, and alive.it drew the eye with an irresistible allure.how could he!how could he!along the very paths which he had paced with juliet.beside the flowers which her hands had planted!once again katrine suffered the pang, the repulsion.all these years she had suffered at the sight of martin sorrowful and lonely, nowmysterious, but incontrovertible fact!she suffered afresh at the sight of him consoled.without, in the garden, grizel was flitting from tree to tree like a big gold moth, bending her head to drink in the heavy perfume.the curve of the neck, the curve of the cheek half hidden against the leaves, the reedlike figure bent low from the waist, they were the very epitome of grace.martin!martin!i must have some of these to take up to my room.theres magic in the scent of red roses.real country roses, living on their own stems.it has something different from all other scents.these are the trees which little juliet planted?how sweet she was that day, when they were planted, and she was so happy, so dirty, like a pretty child in her big pinafore!they _ought_ to be sweet! martin winced.he did not reply, but taking a knife from his pocket cut off one or two of the best blooms, carefully pruning the thronged stems.for the first months after juliets death her name had been continually on his lips, he had loved to talk about her, to hear her discussed; later on the reference had become rarer, more strained; now for years it had been avoided as elaborately as though it had belonged to a criminal, a prodigal.the young fair face still hung on the walls, but in the house where she had lived no one mentioned juliets name.only grizel, an outsider, talked of her still, naturally, simply, with a transparent pleasure in the remembrance.martin was not sure whether the reference more pleased or jarred.yes! he remembered!he should never forget that bright autumn day, the laughing crowd of spectators, the picture of his girl wife in her short garden skirt, waving her spade in triumph.he could never forget, but the personal significance had faded.there seemed little connection between himself and that boyish bridegroom; it was an effort to realise that that sweet child had truly been his wife.the present moment seemed far more real, more vital.himself, the man, occupied with the matured work of life; grizel, the woman, instinct with the lure of her sex.he held the roses towards her that she might enjoy their fragrance, and for a minute they stood in silence, side by side.then grizel raised her head, and looked into his face with a long, penetrating glance.this was the real moment of their meeting, and both silently recognised it as such.how goes it, martin? she asked in her soft rich voice.how goes it? haltingly, grizel, haltingly! his smile flickered, and died out.well talk of that presently; you are the one person to whom i _can_ talk on that subject, but first of all there is something else.prisoner at the bar._why dont you like my book_? his voice was gentle, bantering, almost tender in tone.there was not the faintest touch of offence, but grizels discomfiture was as naive and undisguised as that of a child

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