i cant contend with any century but my own _very_

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  Socrates once said, An unexamined life is not worth living. Dalai Lama told us that, Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck。
i cant contend with any century but my own._very_ modern, and up to date, and the heroine lives in kensington.she must be a duck, martin! _is_ she a duck?what colour are her eyes? erher eyes are grey grey as a mountain tarn grizel rolled her own eyes to the ceiling.well!its a useful shade, and affords scope for variety.they can grow black under stress of emotion, and in evening dress when she wants to look her best.and the hero! hell be my affair, of course.ill write the maney bits, and youll do the girl you mean grizel waved an imperious hand.i do _not_!i mean what i say.she screwed up her little face in an expressive _moue_.poof!who knows more about a man in loveyou or i?whod be fairer to another girl?if more books were written in that way, theyd be a vast deal truer to life.well show em!katrine, congratulate us; our fortune is made.katrines smile was a trifle forced.of course it was nonsense to suppose that grizel would be allowed to invade the sanctuary of martins room; nevertheless, knowing as she did the heights of her visitors audacity, she felt it her duty to adopt an air of dignified reproof.martins work was not a subject for jest, it was a serious affair, with the stages of which his sister was well acquainted.first the stage of restless absentmindedness, during which it was useless to expect punctuality, or even an appropriately sensible answer to a question; next, a brief period of intoxication when the longdelayed inspiration dawned with a brilliance which promised a glory never before attained; thirdly, the long months of labour and anxiety, in which the early triumph faded to at best a temperate content.katrine was never admitted into her brothers confidence about his work.he had allowed it to be known that he could not suffer questions or remarks; never once in those eight years had she dared to question concerning a heroines eyes.through mental storms and sunshine, she had sat tight, observant but silent, expressing her sympathy, marthalike, in soups and sauces.it was not for grizel to obtrude where she, a sister, might not go.katrine pushed back her chair, and rose to her feet.you are talking nonsense, my dear.come upstairs!you look tired to death, and your hair is coming down.ill give you a book, and you can sleep or read until its time to dress.ill carry your things.she gathered together the scattered hat, gloves, and bag, and led the way upstairs, grizel trailing slowly in her wake.the bedroom was sweet and fresh; after the manner of such rooms in country houses, a bowl of roses stood on a table; through the open window the air blew soft and clean.grizel looked around with smiling satisfaction; then dropping her impedimenta on the bed, and wheeling round with a swift, unexpected movement, she faced her hostess, and nipped her chin between a thumb and forefinger.the two faces were close together: for a moment katrine smiled, unconcerned and amused, but the honeycoloured eyes stared on, stared deep, stared with a long, unblinking intentness which brought the colour rushing to her cheeks.she twitched her head, the small fingers gripped with unexpected tenacity; she frowned and fumed, but the eyes stared relentlessly on.finally she raised both hands and forced herself free.grizel, what _is_ it?why are you staring?what in the world has happened? and that, my lamb, returned grizel calmly, is just precisely what i am axing myself! she turned her back, and strolled nonchalantly across the rooms.chapter six.when grizel sailed down to dinner two hours later, it would have been difficult to recognise in her the pallid traveller of the afternoon.she was gorgeously attired in a robe of golden net covered with an embroidery of the same hue.the golden sheaf clung round her, and trailed heavily on the ground; encased in it her body appeared of an incredible slimness, yet from head to foot there was not one angle, not one harsh, unlovely line.nymph, elf, fay, she was all rounded curve and dimple, from satin shoulder to arched and tiny feet.though one might marvel that a human being could live in such wandlike form, _thin_ was a word which could never occur.grizel was no more thin than katrine herself.her soft, mousebrown hair was waved loosely back, and twisted in a fashion which preserved the shape of the head,a rare and wonderful sight at a time when nine women out of ten carried a cushionlike appendage standing out many inches behind the ear.grizel was too wise to disguise herself by any such freak of fashion; an artist would have noted with delight that she invariably respected the natural line of the body.neck and arms were bare of ornament, her cheeks were still pale, but with a warm, creamlike tint which had no trace of illhealth, her honeycoloured eyes reflected the golden lights of her dress.the scarlet lips made the one contrasting note of colour.katrine stared blankly at the entrance of the apparition, the inevitable admiration largely tinged with reproach.how ridiculous, and unsuitable, and altogether grizelish to choose such a dress for a quiet home evening!it was probably the first that had come to her hand, and she had put it on without a thought.when there was a dinner party, and the most important people in the neighbourhood were assembled to meet her, she would just as likely as not appear in a simple muslin.katrine had lived through such experiences before, and had suffered much aggravation thereby.she stared with exaggerated surprise, whereupon grizel gurgled, quick to appreciate the criticism.yes, maam.my _very_ best!aint i a pretty ittle did? it would be very suitable for a court ball.what possessed you to put it on tonight? i felt like it,in a golden mood!i always dress to suit my moods

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