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poor old buddy!she had quite a bean feast.grizels deep voice could take on occasion a note of beautiful tenderness; it sounded now at the mention of the old mad aunt, and her listeners noting it, marvelled afresh.lady griselda dundas might now be irresponsible for her eccentricities, but no one could deny that at a time when she was in full possession of her faculties she had complacently plumed herself upon the popular vote which placed her at the head of the cantankerous, illmannered women in society.with all sincerity she had endeavoured to live up to her reputation, and though her grandniece was possibly the only person on earth for whom she had any affection, she was also at the same time the most convenient butt.grizel was ordered about, hectored, reproved, dragged here and there without the slightest reference to her own wishes.that the girl bore it cheerfully, uncomplainingly, even with an appearance of zest, was attributed to mercenary motives by society at large.grizel was presumablyheiress to lady griseldas fortune, and it was felt that an even harder apprenticeship would be a cheap price to pay for so big a prize.surmises in plenty were made as to the amount in question; grizel went about labelled as one of the greatest heiresses in society, but not even her most intimate friends had the temerity to question lady griselda as to the reality of these expectations.no one but her man of business knew the secret of the will locked within his safe.what happens about your own bean feasts, grizel?martin enquired from the corner seat, to which he had carried his tea.the position afforded a fulllength view of the visitor as she lolled on the couch; it was also slightly behind katrine at the teatable.there were occasions when it was distinctly an asset to be out of the range of katrines eyes.do you go out as much as you used?i suppose there is a capable maid whom you can leave in charge.you cant possibly be bound im not bound, but shes a beautiful excuse.i go out when shes better, which means an invitation which tempts, and if it doesnt shes worse!in the daytime im on duty.parsons is a brick, but shes a serious brick, and its hard lines on the old buddy to be taken seriously night and day.it needs a vast intellect to be vivacious with the insane, but its drefful interesting when youve learned the knack.im thinking of taking it up as a pro.doctor white has sworn to recommend me.he says he fears for his own brain, but just for the moment he ordered a change.im not used to taxing my intellect, and its a bit of a strain, so i took a mean advantage of the old dears infirmity, and told her certain sure id be back at four oclock, and when i arrive at the weeks end, shell groan because im ten minutes late! a week!now that weve got you, we wont let you go in a week.you must take a good rest while youre about it.we have no excitements on hand except the barfield garden party, but you shall be out in the fresh air, and feed on strawberries and cream, and sleep half the day.we must send her back with a little more colour in her cheeks, mustnt we, katrine? katrine looked at her visitor, and smiled.she had not wanted to invite grizel; the proposition had found her in an antagonistic mood, she had resented the fact that it had come from martin rather than herself, but now grizel had arrived, and with the personal presence, antagonism had vanished into space.her thoughts turned back to yesterday, when at the same hour in the same room she and martin had partaken of tea together.certainly no one could have called it a lively meal.there were occasions when the coming of a third person infused a wonderful refreshment into the daily routine, but katrine knew her guests nature better than did her brother.martin desired that they should take care of grizel; in reality it was grizel who would take care of them.martin had declared that grizel must rest; grizel was incapable of rest, and rest would weary her more than action.where grizel was, things happened.even as she sat pale and weary upon the sofa, vitality flowed out of her; the atmosphere was instinct with electric force.grizel, said katrine smiling, will do as she pleases.she always did, and she always will, and she will please to gad!she will gad from morning till night, and drag me about to gad with her.its very easy for you, martin; you issue instructions, shut yourself up in your study all day, and expect them to be carried out, but i tell you at the beginning,i wash my hands of responsibility!ill go where im dragged, and do as imust!shell be tired out, of course, but it wont be my fault.but i havent the least intention of letting him shut himself up.course ill gad!what else is there to do, but dont you worry, my lamb, martin shall gad with me! announced grizel calmly.she flashed her honeycoloured eyes across the room to where martin sat among the shadows of the dark old room.his back was towards the light, she could see the outline of his long lean face, the fine modelling of the jaw, but the expression in the dark eyes she could not see.well have suchsport!she laughed, a deep, softthroated laugh.im working, said martin in a hesitating voice, a voice which seemed forced out of him against his will.im afraid, grizel, that i cant and im afraid, martin, that you _must_!what work are you trying to do? ive started a fresh book.its just beginning to go.the first chapters are always a pull, but i hope at last that im well afloat.ill help you! announced grizel calmly.you play with me, and ill work with you.ive always felt it in me to write a corking novel.well collaborate, and make em sit up!present day, of course

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