on our return we found the cura don jos canuta

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on our return we found the cura, don josé canuta vela, waiting to receive us; he had been notified of our coming, and had expected us the day before.his curacy consisted of nearly two thousand souls, and, except his ministro, we did not see a white man among this population.he was under thirty, born and bred in merida, and in manners and attainments apparently out of place in such a position; but his feelings and sympathies were identified with the people under his charge.the convent was a great stone building, with walls several feet thick, and in size corresponded with the church.being so near merida, it was more than ordinarily well supplied with comforts; and, among other things, the cura had a small collection of books, which, for that country, constituted quite a library.he relieved us of all difficulty arising from the want of an interpreter, and, sending for the indian alcaldes, made immediate arrangements to forward our luggage, and to accompany us himself the next day to the ruins of mayapan.we had again made a beginning with the padres, and this beginning, in heartiness of welcome and goodness of cheer, corresponded with all that we had before received at their hands.we had the choice of cot or hammock for the night, and at breakfast a group of indian musicians were seated under the corridor, who continued making a noise, which they called la musica, till we mounted to depart.the cura accompanied us, mounted on one of the best horses we had seen in the country; and as it was a rare thing for him to absent himself a day from his parochial duties, he set out as for a holyday excursion, worrying our poor nags, as well as ourselves, to keep up with him.the road upon which we entered turned off abruptly from the camino real.this royal road itself, like most of the others which bore that name, would not be considered, in other countries, as indicating a very advanced state of internal improvement, but the one into which we now struck was much rougher and more stony, entirely new, and in some places still unfinished.it had been but lately opened, and the reason of its being opened at all illustrates one striking feature in the character of the indians.the village to which it leads was under the pastoral charge of our friendly companion, and was formerly reached by a road, or rather path, so circuitous and difficult that, on account of his other duties, he was obliged to give notice that he would be compelled to give it up.to prevent this calamity, all the indians, in a body, turned out and made this new road, being a straight cut through the woods, two leagues in length.the padre took a lively interest in the zeal lately awakened for exploring the antiquities of the country, and told us that this particular region abounded with traces of the ancient inhabitants.at a short distance from the camino real we came to a line of fallen stones, forming what appeared to be the remains of a wall which crossed the road, and ran off into the forest on both sides, traversing, he said, the country for a great distance in both directions.a short distance beyond, we turned off to a large hollow basin perfectly dry, which he called an aguada, and said it was an artificial formation, excavated and walled around, and had been used by the ancients as a reservoir for water.at the time, we did not agree with him, but considered the basin a natural formation, though, from what we saw afterward, we are induced to believe that his account may have been correct.at ten oclock we reached the small village of telchaquillo, containing a population of six hundred souls, and these, again, were all indians.it was they who had made the road we had travelled over, and the church was under our friends pastoral charge.we rode to the convent, and dismounted.immediately the bell of the church tolled, to give notice of his arrival, that all who wished to confess or get married, who had sick to be visited, children to be baptized, or dead to be buried, might apply to him, and have their wants attended to.the village consisted entirely of huts, or casas de paja.the church had been commenced on a large scale, under the direction of a former cura, who afterward became dissatisfied with the people, and discontinued the building.one end was covered over, and fitted up rudely as a chapel; beyond were two high walls, but roofless.in the square of this little village was a great senote, or subterraneous well, which supplied all the inhabitants with water.at a distance the square seemed level and unbroken; but women walking across it with cantaros or waterjars suddenly disappeared, and others seemed to rise out of the earth.on a nearer approach, we found a great orifice or opening in the rocky surface, like the mouth of a cave.the descent was by irregular steps cut and worn in the rocks.over head was an immense rocky roof, and at a distance of perhaps five hundred feet from the mouth was a large basin or reservoir of water.directly over the water the roof was perhaps sixty feet high; and there was an opening above which threw down a strong body of light.the water had no current, and its source was a mystery.during the rainy season it rises a little, but never falls below a certain point, and at all times it is the only source of supply to the inhabitants.women, with their waterjars, were constantly ascending and descending; swallows were darting through the cave in every direction, and the whole formed a wild, picturesque, and romantic scene.at this village we found waiting for us the major domo of the hacienda of san joaquin, on which stand the ruins of mayapan.leaving the senote, we mounted and followed him.at the distance of half a mile he stopped near a great cave that had lately been discovered, and which, he said had no end.tying our horses to the bushes, we turned off to visit it.the major domo cut a path a short distance into the woods; following which we came to a large hollow, overgrown with trees, and, descending, entered a great cavern with a lofty roof, and gigantic passages branching off in different directions, and running no one knew whither.the cave had been discovered by the major domo and some vaqueros while in pursuit of robbers who had stolen a bull; and no robbers cave in romantic story could equal it in wildness.the major domo said he had entered it with ten men, and had passed four hours in exploration without finding any end.the cave, its roof, base, and passages, were an immense fossil formation.marine shells were conglomerated together in solid masses, many of them perfect, showing a geological structure which indicated that the whole country, or, at least, that portion of it; had been once, and probably at no very remote period, overflowed by the sea.we could have passed a day with much satisfaction in rambling through this cave, but, remaining only a few minutes, and taking away some curious and interesting specimens, we remounted, and very soon reached mounds of earth, fragments of sculptured stones, broken walls, and fallen buildings, indicating that we were once more treading upon the sepulchre of an aboriginal city.at eleven oclock we came to a clearing, in which was situated the hacienda of san joaquin.the building was a mere rancho, erected only for the residence of a mayoral, a person inferior to a major domo; but there was a fine clearing around it, and the situation was wild and beautiful.in the cattleyard were noble trees.in the platform of the well were sculptured stones taken from the ancient buildings; it was shaded by the spreading branches of a fine ramon or tropical oak, with a foliage of vivid green; and crowning the top, and apparently growing out of it, were the long, pale leaves of the cocoanut.the hacienda, or rather rancho, of san joaquin, on which the ruins of mayapan lie scattered, is ten leagues south from merida.it forms part of the great hacienda of xcanchakan, the property of don jose maria meneses, the venerable cura of san cristoval, formerly provesor of the church of yucatan

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