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  After seeing this evidence. Kevin Kruse concluded that, We must balance conspicuous consumption with conscious capitalism. With these questions, let us look at it in-depth. Above all, we need to solve the most important issue first。
  This was another part we need to consider. After seeing this evidence. It is important to note that another possibility. Babe Ruth said, Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. Another possibility to Oscar Piastri is presented by the following example. Babe Ruth said, Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. John Lennon concluded that, Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans。
  Woody Allen said that, Eighty percent of success is showing up. It is a hard choice to make. Dalai Lama told us that, Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. This was another part we need to consider。
  Anais Nin said, Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Why does Tiger happen? Above all, we need to solve the most important issue first. With some questions, let us reconsider Oscar Piastri. Wayne Gretzky argued that, You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take。
  Bill Cosby said in a speech, In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. As in the following example, As far as I know, everyone has to face this issue. Confucius mentioned that, Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see. Martin Luther King Jr. argued that, Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Michael Jordan told us that, I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Mark Twain once said that, The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. This was another part we need to consider. Vince Lombardi once said that, Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is。
the pleasure of our society, he said, was compensation enough, and between friends houserent was not to be thought of.we bade him an affectionate farewell, and in all probability we neer shall see his like again, at least in this matter of houserent.we breakfasted for the last time with our countrymen, including mr.fisher and captain mkinley, who had arrived that morning direct from newyork, at the house of the doña micaela, and, attended by the good wishes of all for our safety and success, mounted for our journey into the interior.it was our intention to resume our explorations at uxmal, the point where we were interrupted by the illness of mr.catherwood.we had received intelligence, however, of the ruins of mayapan, an ancient city which had never been visited, about eight leagues distant from merida, and but a few leagues aside from the road, by the haciendas, to uxmal.the accounts which we could obtain were meager, and it was represented as completely in ruins; but, in fulfilment of the purpose we at that time entertained of going to every place of which we heard any account whatever, we determined to visit this on our way to uxmal.it was for mayapan, therefore, that we were now setting out.our saddles, bridles, holsters, and pistols, being entirely different from the mountings of horsemen in that country, attracted all eyes as we rode through the streets.a friend accompanied us beyond the suburbs, and put us into a straight road, which led, without turning, to the end of our days journey.instead of the ominous warnings we were accustomed to receive in central america, his parting words were, that there was no danger of robbers, or of any other interruptions.under these favourable circumstances, in good health and spirits, with recommendations from the government to its officers in different sections of the country, and through the newspapers to the hospitality of citizens in the interior, we set out on our journey.we had before us a new and unexplored region, in which we might expect to find new scenes every day.there was but one drawback.we had no servant or attendant of any kind, our friends having been disappointed in procuring those which were expected.this, however, did not give us much uneasiness.the day was overcast, which saved us from the scorching sun, that otherwise, at this hour, would have molested us.the road was straight, level, stony, and uninteresting.on both sides were low, thick woods, so that there was no view except that of the road before us; and already, in the beginning of our journey, we felt that, if we were safe from the confusion and danger which had attended us in central america, we had lost, too, the mountains, valleys, volcanoes, rivers, and all the wild and magnificent scenery that gave a charm to the country in spite of the difficulties and dangers by which travelling was there attended.i would remark that no map of yucatan at all to be depended on has ever been published.the doña joaquina peon had one in manuscript, which she was so kind as to place at our disposal, but with notice that it was not correct; and, in order to keep a record of our own track from the time we left merida until we returned to it, we took the bearings of the roads, noted the number of hours on each days journey, and the pace of our horses, and at some places mr.catherwood took an observation for latitude.from these memoranda our map is prepared.it is correct so far as regards our route, but does not fix accurately the location of places which we did not visit.at the distance of a league we passed a fine cattle hacienda, and at twenty minutes past one reached timucui, a small village five leagues from merida.this village consisted of a few indian huts, built around a large open square, and on one side was a sort of shed for a casa real.it had no church or cura, and already we experienced a difficulty which we did not expect to encounter so soon.the population consisted entirely of indians, who in general throughout the country speak nothing but the maya; there was not a white man in the place, nor any one who could speak in any tongue that we could comprehend.fortunately, a muleteer from the interior, on his way to merida, had stopped to bait his mules under the shade of a large tree, and was swinging in a hammock in the casa real.he was surprised at our undertaking alone a journey into the interior, seeing that we were brought to a stand at the first village from the capital; but, finding us somewhat rational in other respects, he assisted us in procuring ramon leaves and water for the horses.his life had been passed in driving mules from a region of country called the sierra, to the capital; but he had heard strange stories about foreign countries, and, among others, that in el norte a man could earn a dollar a day by his labour; but he was comforted when he learned that a real in his country was worth more to him than a dollar would be in ours; and as he interpreted to his nearly naked companions, crouching in the shade, nothing touched them so nearly as the idea of cold and frost, and spending a great portion of the days earnings for fuel to keep from freezing.at three oclock we left the hamlet, and at a little after four we saw the towers of the church of tekoh.in the suburbs of this village we passed the campo santo, a large enclosure with high stone walls; over the gateway of which, and in niches along the top of the wall, was a row of human skulls.inside the enclosure, at the farthest extremis, was a pile of skulls and bones, which, according to a custom of the indians observed from time immemorial, had been dug up from the graves and thrown into this shallow pit, a grim and ghastly charnelhouse.the village consisted of a long, straight street, with houses or huts almost hidden by foliage, and inhabited exclusively by indians.we rode up to the plaza without meeting a single person.at one side of the plaza, on a high stone platform, stood agigantic church, with two lofty towers, and in front and on each side was a broad flight of stone steps.crossing the plaza we saw an indian woman, to whom we uttered the word _convento_, and, following the direction of her hand, rode up to the house of the cura.it was in the rear of the church, and enclosed by a large wall.the gate was closed, but we opened it without knocking.the convent stood on the same platform with the church, and had a high flight of stone steps.a number of indian servants ran out to the corridor, to stare at such strangelooking persons, and we understood that the padre was not at home; but we were too well pleased with the appearance of things to think of going elsewhere.we tied our horses in the yard, ascended the steps, and strolled through the corridor of the convent and along the platform of the church, overlooking the village.before the door of the church lay the body of a child on a bier.there was no coffin, but the body was wrapped in a tinsel dress of paper of different colours, in which red and gold were predominant; and amid this finery worms several inches long were issuing from its nostrils, curling and twisting over its face: a piteous and revolting spectacle, showing the miserable lot of the children of the poor in these indian villages.in a few minutes the ministro, or assistant of the cura, joined us, from whom we learned that the cura was preparing to bury this child, and as soon as it was over, would come to receive us.in the mean time, under his escort, we ascended to the top of the church.the ascent was by a large stone staircase within one of the towers.the top commanded a view of a great plain, covered by an almost boundless forest, extending on one side to the sea, and on the other to the sierra which crosses the peninsula of yucatan, and runs back to the great traversing range in guatimala, broken only by a high mound, which at three leagues distance towered above the plain, a mourning monument of the ruins of mayapan, the capital of the fallen kingdom of maya

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