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as the principal assistant of doctor cabot, this complicated business devolved upon me; and having, with the help of her mother, accomplished it, i laid her head upon the pillow as carefully as if it had been my own property.in all the previous cases i had found it necessary, in order to steady my hand, to lean my elbow on the table, and my wrist on the forehead of the patient i did the same with her, and, if i know myself i never gazed into any eyes as i did into that young ladys one eye in particular.when the doctor drew out the instrument, i certainly could have taken her in my arms, but her imagination had been too powerful; her eyes closed, a slight shudder seized her, and she fainted.that passed off, and she rose with her eyes all right.a young gentleman was in attendance to escort her to her home, and the smile had again returned to her cheek as he told her that now her lover would not know her.this case had occupied a great deal of time; the doctors labours were doubled by the want of regular surgical aid, he was fatigued with the excitement, and i was worn out; my head was actually swimming with visions of bleeding and mutilated eyes, and i almost felt doubtful about my own.the repetition of the operations had not accustomed me to them; indeed, the last was more painful to me than the first, and i felt willing to abandon forever the practice of surgery.doctor cabot had explained the modus operandi fully to the medical gentlemen, had offered to procure them instruments, and considering the thing fairly introduced into the country, we determined to stop.but this was not so easy; the crowd out of doors had their opinion on the subject; the biscos considered that we were treating them outrageously, and became as clamorous as a mob in a western city about to administer lynch law.one would not be kept back.he was a strapping youth, with cast enough in his eye to carry everything before him, and had probably been taunted all his life by merciless schoolboys.forcing himself inside, with his hands in his pockets, he said that he had the money to pay for it, and would not be put off.we were obliged to apologize, and, with a little wish to bring him down, gave him some hope that he should be attended to on our return to merida.the news of these successes flew like wildfire, and a great sensation was created throughout the city.all the evening doctor cabot was besieged with applications, and i could but think how fleeting is this worlds fame! at first my arrival in the country had been fairly trumpeted in the newspapers; for a little while mr.catherwood had thrown me in the shade with the daguerreotype, and now all our glories were swallowed up by doctor cabots cure of strabismus.nevertheless, his fame was reflected upon us.all the afternoon squinteyed boys were passing up and down the street, throwing slanting glances in at the door, and toward evening, as mr.catherwood and i were walking to the plaza, we were hailed by some vagabond urchins with the obstreperous shout, there go the men who cure the biscos.chapter vi.departure from merida.map of yucatan.timuciu.tekoh.human sculls and bones.church of tekoh.convent.a revolting spectacle.view from the top of the church.cura of tekoh.journey continued.a curious basin.telchaquillo.a subterraneous well.an extraordinary cave.hacienda of joaquin.ruins of mayapan.a remarkable mound.curious sculptured remains.another extraordinary cave.a circular edifice.a double row of columns.ranges of mounds.arches.derivation of the word yucatan.ancient city of mayapan.on thursday, the twelfth day of november, we rose for our departure from merida.the plan of our route, and all the arrangements for our journey, were made by our friend don simon peon.early in the morning our luggage was sent forward on the backs of mules and indians, and we had only to take leave of our friends.our landlord refused to receive the four dollars due to him for rent

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