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butter any small dishes; put in the toast rounds, break an egg carefully on each, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake in the oven till the eggs are done.easy meat pie 1 cup chopped cooked meat 1 cup boiling water.1 teaspoonful chopped parsley.1 teaspoonful chopped onion.1/2 teaspoonful salt.1 teaspoonful butter.2 cups mashed potato.(if the potato is leftover, and so is cold, add 1/2 a cup of hot milk to it and beat it up till it is smooth and hot.) mix the meat, water, and seasoning all together in a saucepan and let it cook till it gets rather dry, stirring it often.butter a baking dish and cover the sides and bottom with the potato, half an inch thick.put the meat in the center, and then put the rest of the potato over the top and make it nice and smooth.put bits of butter all over the top and brown in the oven.creamed salmon 1 can of salmon (medium size).1 large cup of white sauce, well seasoned with salt and pepper.open the can, drain the fish of oil and take out the skin and bones; mix lightly, lay on squares of buttered toast; put slices of lemon and bits of parsley all around the edge of the platter.(you can use any sort of cooked fish instead of salmon.) hot sardines 1 box large sardines.4 slices of toast juice of 1/2 a lemon.sprinkles of salt, pepper and dry mustard.open the sardines and lift them out carefully; drain the oil off.put them on a tin plate in the oven to get very hot while you make toast and cut it into strips; cut the crust off and butter them a little.when the sardines are hot put one on each strip of toast, sprinkle with lemon juice, salt, pepper and mustard (only a tiny bit of mustard), and serve at once on a hot dish with parsley all around.besides these good things the children made all sorts of potatoes and muffins and everything else they had learned, and they really had a beautiful time.but the most fun of all was on saturday when they had the cooking to do for two days and plenty of time in which to do it.chapter xv thanksgiving day supper mother blair, did you ever think that thanksgiving day has one great defect? why, no, mildred, i dont believe i ever did, smiled her mother.do tell me what it is.well, we have to have dinner in the afternoon so the littlest cousins can go home early, and so norah can get away in time for her regular partyshe always goes to one, you know, that evening; and that leaves us with nothing to do for hours before bedtime.i dont know why it is, but that time always drags.that is a real defect, mildred, and im glad you told me, because we dont want any part of thanksgiving day to drag.it ought to be lovely till the very end.what can you think of that we can do to make it so? i think if all the cousins would stay on instead of going home at dark, and if we arranged something interesting, like a little play or charades, first, and then, when we got hungry, about eight oclock, we had a hot supper, that would be just perfect.of course! thats a bright idea, mildred.all the cousins are old enough now to spend the evening, and we can have a lovely time together.you arrange the play, and ill get up the supper for you.no, indeed, mother blair! we three juniors will get itthats part of the fun.and dont you think it would be nice to have it in here on the big library table? we could bring the things in on trays and then just help ourselves.thats another bright idea! of course it would be delightful to have it in here.then afterwards we could have a wood fire in the grate and sit around it to tell stories, and have games, and charades, and sing some songs together, and be just as thankful as possible.what shall we have for supper? i fancy we shall not want anything very heavy after our dinner.no, of course not; but it can be something awfully good.cold turkey to begin with, and something hot to go with it, andand what else, mother blair? oh, cranberry jelly, and perhaps a salad, and then something sweet to finish with.do you think that would do? yes, and some kind of a hot drink, i suppose; coffee for father and uncle and aunt mary and you, and cocoa for the rest of us; only im so tired of cocoa, i dont believe i could drink a drop.we certainly have had it pretty often for lunch lately; ive noticed it myself and meant to speak to norah about it.i think i can find something else for all of us which you will like bettersomething especially meant for thanksgiving.what the pilgrim fathers had for their thanksgiving dinner, i suppose, laughed mildred.im sure it will be good, too, and well love it.school closed the day before thanksgiving, and that afternoon mildred and brownie began to be thankful, because there would be no more lessons till monday.they put their books away, planned the funny little play they were going to have the next evening, and got together everything they would need for that; then they said it was time to think about the supper in the library.we will wait till norah has gone out and the kitchen is all in order, said mildred.then we can get out the things we want to carry into the other room, and put them on two trays; jack and cousin fred can carry them when we are ready

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