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had he seen thee when he swore he would love but me alone? thou wast absent, sent before to our kin in sidmouth town.when he saw thee who art best past compare, and loveliest.he but judged thee as the rest.xviii.could we blame him with grave words, thou and i, dear, if we might? thy brown eyes have looks like birds flying straightway to the light: mine are older.hush!look out up the street! is none without? how the poplar swings about! xix.and that hourbeneath the beech, when i listened in a dream, and he said in his deep speech that he owed me all _esteem_, each word swam in on my brain with a dim, dilating pain, till it burst with that last strain.xx.i fell flooded with a dark, in the silence of a swoon.when i rose, still cold and stark, there was night; i saw the moon and the stars, each in its place, and the mayblooms on the grass, seemed to wonder what i was.xxi.and i walked as if apart from myself, when i could stand, and i pitied my own heart, as if i held it in my hand somewhat coldly, with a sense of fulfilled benevolence, and a poor thing negligence.xxii.and i answered coldly too, when you met me at the door; and i only _heard_ the dew dripping from me to the floor: and the flowers, i bade you see, were too withered for the bee, as my life, henceforth, for me.xxiii.do not weep sodear,heartwarm! all was best as it befell.if i say he did me harm, i speak wild,i am not well.all his words were kind and good _he esteemed me._ only, blood runs so faint in womanhood! xxiv.then i always was too grave, liked the saddest ballad sung, with that look, besides, we have in our faces, who die young.i had died, dear, all the same; lifes long, joyous, jostling game is too loud for my meek shame.xxv.we are so unlike each other, thou and i, that none could guess we were children of one mother, but for mutual tenderness.thou art roselined from the cold, and meant verily to hold lifes pure pleasures manifold.xxvi.i am pale as crocus grows close beside a rosetrees root; whosoeer would reach the rose, treads the crocus underfoot._i_, like maybloom on thorntree, thou, like merry summerbee, fit that i be plucked for thee! xxvii.yet who plucks me?no one mourns, i have lived my season out, and now die of my own thorns which i could not live without.sweet, be merry! how the light comes and goes! if it be night, keep the candles in my sight.xxviii.are there footsteps at the door? look out quickly.yea, or nay? some one might be waiting for some last word that i might say.nay? so best!so angels would stand off clear from deathly road, not to cross the sight of god.xxix.colder grow my hands and feet.when i wear the shroud i made, let the folds lie straight and neat, and the rosemary be spread, that if any friend should come, (to see _thee_, sweet!) all the room may be lifted out of gloom.xxx.and, dear bertha, let me keep on my hand this little ring, which at nights, when others sleep, i can still see glittering! let me wear it out of sight, in the grave,where it will light all the dark up, day and night.xxxi.on that grave drop not a tear! else, though fathomdeep the place, through the woollen shroud i wear i shall feel it on my face.rather smile there, blessèd one, thinking of me in the sun, or forget mesmiling on! xxxii.art thou near me? nearer! so kiss me close upon the eyes, that the earthly light may go sweetly, as it used to rise when i watched the morninggrey strike, betwixt the hills, the way he was sure to come that day.xxxiii.so,no more vain words be said! the hosannas nearer roll.mother, smile now on thy dead, i am deathstrong in my soul.mystic dove alit on cross, guide the poor bird of the snows through the snowwind above loss! xxxiv.jesus, victim, comprehending loves divine selfabnegation, cleanse my love in its selfspending, and absorb the poor libation! wind my thread of life up higher, up, through angels hands of fire! i aspire while i expire._lady geraldines courtship:_ a romance of the age._a poet writes to his friend._ place_a room in wycombe hall

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