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there would be quite enough for a carriage for three months upon a mountain in switzerland, and three more among the art treasures of italy.it was astonishing how completely gertrude had it all at her fingers ends when she discussed the matter with her mother.mr.houston was a man of no expensive tastes.he didnt want to hunt.he did shoot, no doubt, and perhaps a little shooting at glenbogie might be nice before they went to switzerland.in that case two months on the top of the mountain would suffice.but if he was not asked he would never condescend to demand an entry at glenbogie as a part of his wifes dower.lady tringle was thus talked over, though she did think that at least one of her daughters husbands ought to have an income of his own.there was another point which gertrude put forward very frankly, and which no doubt had weight with her mother.mamma, i mean to have him, she said, when lady tringle expressed a doubt.but papa? i mean to have him.papa can scold, of course, if he pleases.but where would the income come from if papa did not give it? of course hell give it.ive a right to it as much as augusta.there was something in gertrudes face as she said this which made her mother think that she would have her way.but sir thomas had hitherto declined.when frank houston, after the manner of wouldbe sonsinlaw, had applied to sir thomas, sir thomas, who already knew all about it, asked after his income, his prospects, and his occupation.fifty years ago young men used to encounter the misery of such questions, and to live afterwards often in the enjoyment of the stern questioners money and daughters.but there used in those days to be a bad quarter of an hour while the questions were being asked, and not unfrequently a bad six months afterwards, while the stern questioner was gradually undergoing a softening process under the hands of the females of the family.but the young man of today has no bad quarter of an hour.you are a mercantile old brick, with money and a daughter.i am a jeunesse dorée,gilded by blood and fashion, though so utterly impecunious! let us know your terms.how much is it to be, and then i can say whether we can afford to live upon it.the old brick surrenders himself more readily and speedily to the latter than to the former manner;but he hardly surrenders himself quite at once.frank houston, when inquired into, declared at once, without blushing, that he had no income at all to speak of in reference to matrimonial life.as to family prospects he had none.his elder brother had four blooming boys, and was likely to have more.as for occupation, he was very fond of painting, very fond of art all round, could shoot a little, and was never in want of anything to do as long as he had a book.but for the earning of money he had no turn whatever.he was quite sure of himself that he could never earn a shilling.but then on the other hand he was not extravagant,which was almost as good as earning.it was almost incredible; but with his means, limited as they were to a few hundreds, he did not owe above a thousand pounds;a fact which he thought would weigh much with sir thomas in regard to his daughters future happiness.sir thomas gave him a flat refusal.i think that i may boast that your daughters happiness is in my charge, said frank houston.then she must be unhappy, said sir thomas.houston shrugged his shoulders.a fool like that has no right to be happy.there isnt another man in the world by whom i would allow her to be spoken of like that, said houston.bother! i regard her as all that is perfect in woman, and you must forgive me if i say that i shall not abandon my suit.i may be allowed, at any rate, to call at the house? certainly not.that is a kind of thing that is never done nowadays;never, said houston, shaking his head.i suppose my own house is my own.yours and lady tringles, and your daughters, no doubt.at any rate, sir thomas, you will think of this again.i am sure you will think of it again.if you find that your daughters happiness depends upon it i shall find nothing of the kind.good morning.good morning, sir thomas.then mr

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