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dosett and her husbands elder sister.i cant, said ayala, shaking her head.why not, my dear? said lady tringle.i cant, said ayala.lady tringle was not in the least offended or annoyed at the refusal.she did not at all desire that ayala should come to glenbogie.ayala at glenbogie would make her life miserable to her.it would, of course, lead to toms marriage, and then there would be internecine fighting between ayala and augusta.but it was necessary that she should take back to her husband some reply;and this reply, if in the form of refusal, must come from ayala herself.your uncle has sent me, said lady tringle, and i must give him some reason.as for expense, you know,then she turned to mrs.dosett with a smile,that of course would be our affair.if you ask me, said mrs.dosett, i think that as ayala has come to us she had better remain with us.of course things are very different, and she would be only discontented.at this lady tringle smiled her sweetest smile,as though acknowledging that things certainly were different,and then turned to ayala for a further reply.aunt emmeline, i cant, said ayala.but why, my dear? cant isnt a courteous answer to a request that is meant to be kind.speak out, ayala, said mrs.dosett.there is nobody here but your aunts.because of tom.tom wouldnt eat you, said lady tringle, again smiling.its worse than eating me, said ayala.he will go on when i tell him not.if i were down there hed be doing it always.and then youd tell me that iencouraged him! lady tringle felt this to be unkind and undeserved.those passages in rome had been very disagreeable to every one concerned.the girl certainly, as she thought, had been arrogant and impertinent.she had been accepted from charity and had then domineered in the family.she had given herself airs and had gone out into company almost without authority, into company which had rejected her,lady tringle.it had become absolutely necessary to get rid of an inmate so troublesome, so unbearable.the girl had been sent away,almost ignominiously.now she, lady tringle, the offended aunt, the aunt who had so much cause for offence, had been good enough, gracious enough, to pardon all this, and was again offering the fruition of a portion of her good things to the sinner.no doubt she was not anxious that the offer should be accepted, but not the less was it made graciously,as she felt herself.in answer to this she had thrown back upon her the only hard word she had ever spoken to the girl! you wouldnt be told anything of the kind, but you neednt come if you dont like it.then i dont, said ayala, nodding her head.but i did think that after all that has passed, and when i am trying to be kind to you, you would have made yourself more pleasant to me.i can only tell your uncle that you say you wont.give my love to my uncle, and tell him that i am much obliged to him and that i know how good he is; but i cantbecause of tom.tom is too good for you, exclaimed aunt emmeline, who could not bear to have her son depreciated even by the girl whom she did not wish to marry him.i didnt say he wasnt, said ayala, bursting into tears.the archbishop of canterbury would be too good for me, but i dont want to marry him.then she got up and ran out of the room in order that she might weep over her troubles in the privacy of her own chamber.she was thoroughly convinced that she was being illused.no one had a right to tell her that any man was too good for her unless she herself should make pretensions to the man.it was an insult to her even to connect her name with that of any man unless she had done something to connect it.in her own estimation her cousin tom was infinitely beneath her,worlds beneath her,a denizen of an altogether inferior race, such as the beast was to the beauty! not that ayala had ever boasted to herself of her own face or form.it was not in that respect that she likened herself to the beauty when she thought of tom as the beast.her assumed superiority existed in certain intellectual or rather artistic and æsthetic gifts,certain celestial gifts

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