the knaptons had been yorkshire landholders the e

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the knaptons had been yorkshire landholders, the estate being valued at £2000 a year; and now we find one daughter marrying wilks, a second espousing norris, jubilee dicky, and a third, anne knapton, filling the humble office of dresser at drury lane, and probably not much flattered by the legend on the family arms, _meta coronat opus_.[illustration: (robert wilks)] the greatest trouble to wilks during the period he was in management, arose from the ladies of the company.there was especially mrs.rogers, who, on the retirement of mrs.barry and mrs.bracegirdle, played the principal serious parts.it was the whim of this lady to act none but virtuous characters; her prudery would not admit of her studying others.in the epilogue to the triumphs of virtue, in which she played the innocent bellamira, she pronounced with great effect the lines, addressed to the ladies, for whose smiles, she said, ill pay this duteous gratitude; ill do that which the play has done; ill copy you.at your own virtues shrine my vows ill pay, and strive to live the character i play.in this, however, she did not succeed; but mrs.rogers congratulated herself by considering that her failure saved wilkss life, who, when a widower, protested that he should die of despair if she refused to smile upon him; but, as cibber remarks, mrs.rogers could never be reduced to marry.her ambition was great, for she not only looked on herself as the successor of mrs.barry and mrs.bracegirdle; but when the lively and graceful mountfort (mrs.verbruggen) died, in giving birth to an infant, mrs.rogers aspired to the succession of her parts also.wilks, then in power, preferred mrs.oldfield.a public clamour ensued; but, says victor, somewhat confusedly, mr.wilks soon reduced this clamour to demonstration, by an experiment of mrs.oldfield and mrs.rogers playing the same part, that of lady lurewell in the trip to the jubilee; but though obstinacy seldom meets conviction, yet from this equitable trial the tumults in the house were soon quelled (by public authority), greatly to the honour of mr.wilks.i am, adds the writer, from my own knowledge, thoroughly convinced that mr.wilks had no other regard for mrs.oldfield but what arose from the excellency of her performances.mrs.rogers conduct might be censured by some for the earnestness of her passion towards mr.wilks, but in the polite world the fair sex has always been privileged from scandal.as great a tumult ensued when mrs.oldfield was cast for andromache, a character claimed by her rival, who, being refused by wilks, she raised a posse of profligates, fond of tumult and riot, who made such a commotion in the house, that the court hearing of it, sent four of the royal messengers and a strong guard to suppress all disorder.cibber laments having to dismiss an audience of £150 from a disturbance spirited up by obscure people, who never gave any better reason for it than it was their fancy to support the idle complaint of one rival actress against another in their several pretensions to the chief part in a new tragedy.a greenroom scene, painted by colley cibber, reveals to us something of the shadowy side of wilkss character, while that of booth and mrs.oldfield stand out, as it were, in the sun.court and city in 1725 had demanded the revival of vanbrughs provoked wife, with alterations, to suit the growing taste for refinement.these alterations had taken something from the sprightliness of the part of constant, which wilks had been accustomed to play, and cibber proposed to give it to booth, for whom its gravity rendered it suitable.wilks, who was eager to play every night, at first looked grave, then frowned; as cibber hinted, that if he were to play in every piece, a sudden indisposition on his part might create embarrassment, he sullenly stirred the fire; but when the chief manager suggested that as he had accomplished all he could possibly aim at in his profession, occasional repose would become him more than unremitting labour, he took cibbers counsel and booths acquiescence for satire, and retorted with a warmth of indignation which included some strong expletives not to be found in the best poets.cibber then accused him of inconsistency, and expressed indifference whether he accepted or rejected the part which he then held in his hand, and which wilks at once threw down on the table whereupon the angry player sate, with crossed arms, and knocking his heel upon the floor, as seeming to threaten most when he said least.booth, goodnaturedly, struck in with a cheerful comment, to the effect that, for his part, he saw no such great matter in acting every day, for he believed it the wholesomest exercise in the world; it kept the spirits in motion, and always gave _him_ a good stomach.at this friendly advance mrs.oldfield was seen laughing behind her fan, while wilks, after a few hesitating remarks, which showed some little jealousy of booth, proposed that mrs.oldfield should herself select which of the two she would have play with her.he would be glad to be excused if she selected another.this throwing the negative upon mrs.oldfield, says cibber, was indeed a sure way to save himself; which i could not help taking notice of, by saying, it was making but an ill compliment to the company, to suppose there was but one man in it fit to play an ordinary part with her.here mrs.oldfield got up, and turning me half round, to come forward, said with her usual frankness, pooh! you are all a parcel of fools to make such a rout about nothing! rightly judging that the person most out of humour would not be more displeased at her calling us all by the same name.finally, wilks accepted the part, at mrs.oldfields suggestion, and all went well

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