bridgewater 18 opened the haymarket against him

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bridgewater,[18] opened the haymarket against him, under the title of comedians of his majestys revels.highmore had recourse to the law to keep the seceders to their engagements, and harper, a deserter to the haymarket, was prosecuted as a stroller; but the law acquitted him, after solemn discussion.highmores chief actor was macklin, who first appeared as captain brazen, cibbers old part in the recruiting officer, and he subsequently played marplot, clodio, teague, brass, and similar characters, with success; but he was cast aside when the companies became reconciled.there was no other actor of note in the drury lane company, where good actresses were not wanting.mrs.clive alone furnished perpetual sunshine, and mrs.horton warmed the thin houses by the glow of her beauty.no piece of permanent merit was produced, and, sad change in the drury lane annals, the patentee was at a heavy weekly loss.[illustration: (theophilus cibber)] on the first night that the seceders opened the haymarket, 21st september[19] 1733, with love for love, mrs.pritchard played nell, in the afterpiece (devil to pay).the _daily post_ had already extolled the dawning excellence she had exhibited in a booth, and prophesied that she would charm the age.she played light comic parts throughout the season; but her powers as a tragedian do not seem to have been suspected.mrs.pritchard thus entered on her long and honourable career, a married woman, with a large family, and an excellent character, which she never tarnished.cibbers daughter, mrs.charke, played a round of male parts during the same season,[20] roderigo, in othello, being one of them.in the march of 1734, the seceders closed the haymarket, and joined the wreck of the old company at drury lane, on which mrs.pritchard, like macklin, was laid aside for a time.but while those eminent players were under a cloud, there appeared miss arne, whose voice charmed all hearers, whose beauty subdued theophilus cibber, but who was not yet recognised as the tragic actress, between whom and mrs.pritchard and mrs.yates, critics, and the town generally, were to go mad with disputation.meantime, no new drama was produced at covent garden, which lived in the public memory a month; but quin shed a glory on the house, and quite eclipsed the careful, but heavy and decaying actor, mills, who aspired to the parts which booths death had left unappropriated.in macbeth and othello, thersites, cato, apemantus, and gonzales, in the mourning bride, he had at least no living rival.the contest for superiority had commenced before booths death; but mills was never a match for quin, and his name has not been preserved among us as that of a great actor.as it is otherwise with quin, let us recapitulate some details of his previous career, before we accompany him over that period which he filled so creditably, till he was rudely shaken by the coming of garrick.the father of james quin was a barrister of a good irish family, and at one time resided in king street, covent garden, where james was born in 1693.mrs.quin happened to be the wife of two husbands.the first, who had abandoned her, and who, after years of absence, was supposed to be dead, reappeared after quins birth, and carried off the boys mother as his own lawful wife.[21] thereby, the boy himself was deprived of his inheritance; the quin property, which was considerable, passed to the heir at law, and at the age of twentyone, the young man, intelligent but uneducated, his illusions of being a _squireen_ in ireland being all dissipated, and being specially fitted for no vocation, went at once upon the stage.his time of probation was first spent on the dublin boards, in 1714, where he played very small parts with such great propriety, that in the following year, on the recommendation of chetwood, the prompter, he was received, still as a probationer, into the company then acting at drury lane.booth, cibber, mills, and wilks were the chief players at that theatre, and the young actor was at least among noble professors.among, but not of them, he remained for at least two seasons, acting the walking gentlemen, and fulfilling general utility, without a chance of reaching a higher rank.one night, however, in 1716, when the run of the revived tamerlane was threatened with interruption by the sudden illness of the most ferocious of bajazets, quin was induced, most reluctantly on the foolish fellows side, to read the part.in doing this with conscientiousness and judgment, he received such testimonies of approval, that he made himself master of the words by the following night, and when the curtain fell, found himself famous.the critics in the pit, and the fine gentlemen who hung about the stage, united in acknowledging his merits; the coffeehouses tossed his name about pleasantly as a novelty, and mr.mills paid him the compliment of speedily getting well.when mr.mills resumed bajazet, young quin sank down to the dervise; and though, subsequently, his cast of characters was improved, his patience was so severely tried, that in the succeeding season he passed over to the theatre in lincolns inn fields.modestly entering there in the part of benducar, in don sebastian,[22] he at once established himself in the public favour, and before the close of the season 171819, the chivalry of his hotspur, the bluntness of his clytus, the fire of his bajazet, the grandeur of his macbeth, the calm dignity of his brutus, the unctuousness of his falstaff,[23] the duplicity of his maskwell, and the coarse comedy of his sir john brute, were circumstances of which the town talked quite as eagerly as they did of the quadruple alliance, and the musket shot which had slain the royal swede in the trenches before frederickshall.it was quins success in bajazet at drury lane that really cost bowen his life.i have noticed the subject before, but it will admit of some further detail.bowen had taunted quin with being tame in bajazet, and quin retorted by speaking disparagingly of bowen in jacomo in the libertine, preferring johnson in that part.bowen was the more deeply stung as he prided himself on his acting in jacomo, and the company agreed with the adverse critic.the quarrel, commenced by envy, was aggravated by politics.bowen boasted of his honesty and consistency, a boast, the worthlessness of which was speedily shown by quins remark, that bowen had as often drunk the duke of ormonds health as he had refused it.the disputants parted angrily, only to meet more incensed.they met, on the invitation of bowen, and passed from one tavern to another, till they could find a room which less suited quins purpose than that of his irate companionthat of fighting it out.indeed, the younger player seems to have been hardly aware of his elders definite purpose; for when they entered the room bowen fastened the door, clapped his back to it, drew his sword, and threatened to run quin through the body if he did not out with his rapier and defend himself.remonstrance from the latter was of no avail, and he drew simply to keep bowen off

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