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m._spurrell_ (_to himself_).i must say its rather rough luck on that poor devil.i get his dress suit, and all _he_ gets is my boobytrap! (phillipson, _wearing a holland blouse over her evening toilette, approaches from the other end of the passage; he does not recognise her until the moment of collision_.) emma!! its never _you_! how do you come to be _here_? _phillipson_ (_to herself_).then it _was_ my jem after all! (_aloud, distantly._) im here in attendance on lady maisie mull, being her maid.if i was at all curiouswhich im noti might ask you what _youre_ doing in such a house as this; and in evening dress, if you please! _spurr._ im in evening dress, emma, such as it is (not that ive any right to find fault with it); but im in evening dress (_with dignity_) because ive been included in the dinner party here._phill._ you must have been getting on since _i_ knew you.then you were studying to be a horsedoctor._spurr._ i _have_ got on.i am now a qualified m.r.c.v.s._phill._ and does that qualify you to dine with bishops and countesses and baronets and the gentry, like one of themselves? _spurr._ i dont say it does, in itself.it was my _andromeda_ that did the trick, emma._phill.andromeda?_ they were talking of that downstairs.whats made you take to scribbling, james? _spurr._ scribbling? how do you mean? my handwritings easy enough to read, as you ought to know very well._phill._ you cant expect me to remember what your writings like; its so long since ive seen it! _spurr._ come, i like that! when i wrote twice to say i was sorry wed fallen out; and never got a word back! _phill._ if youd written to the addresses i gave you abroad _spurr._ then you _did_ write; but none of the letters reached me.i never even knew youd _gone_ abroad.i wrote to the old place.and so did you, i suppose, not knowing id moved my lodgings too, so naturally but what does it all matter so long as weve met and its all right between us? oh, my dear girl, if you only knew how id worried myself, thinking you were well, all thats over now, isnt it? [_he attempts to embrace her._ _phill._ (_repulsing him_).not quite so fast, james.before i say whether were to be as we were or not, i want to know a little more about you.you wouldnt be here like this if you hadnt done _something_ to distinguish yourself._spurr._ well, i dont say i maynt have got a certain amount of what they call kudos, owing to _andromeda_.but what difference does that make? _phill._ tell me, james, is it _you_ thats been writing a pink book all over silver cutlets? _spurr._ me? write a bookabout cutletsor anything else! emma, you dont suppose ive quite come to that! _andromeda_s the name of my bulldog.i took first prize with her; there were portraits of both of us in one of the papers.and the people here were very much taken with the dog, andand so they asked me to dine with them.thats how it was._phill._ i should have thought, if they asked one of you to dine, it ought to have been the bulldog

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