_spurr _ now whats the good of saying extravagant

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_spurr._ now whats the good of saying extravagant things of that sort? not that old _drummy_ couldnt be trusted to behave anywhere! _phill._ better than her master, i daresay._i_ heard of your goings on with some lady rhoda or other! _spurr._ oh, the girl i sat next to at dinner? nice chatty sort of girl; seems fond of quadrupeds _phill._ especially twolegged ones! you see ive been told all about it! _spurr._ i assure you i didnt go a step beyond the most ordinary civility.youre not going to be jealous because i promised id give her a liniment for one of her dogs, are you? _phill._ liniment! you always _were_ a flirt, james! but im not jealous.ive met a very nicespoken young man while ive been here; he sat next to me at supper, and paid me the most beautiful compliments, and was most polite and attentivethough he hasnt got as far as liniment, at present._spurr._ but, emma, youre not going to take up with some other fellow just when weve come together again? _phill._ if you call it coming together, when im down in the housekeepers room, and youre up above, carrying on with ladies of title! _spurr._ do you want to drive me frantic? as if i could help being where i am! how could i know _you_ were here? _phill._ at all events you know _now_, james.and its for you to choose between your smart ladyfriends and me.if youre fit company for them, youre too grand for one of their maids._spurr._ my dear girl, dont be unreasonable! im expected back in the drawing room, and i _cant_ throw em over now all of a sudden without giving offence.theres the interests of the firm to consider, and its not for me to take a lower place than im given.but its only for a night or two, and you dont really suppose i wouldnt rather be where you are if i was free to choosebut im _not_, emma, thats the worst of it! _phill._ well, go back to the drawing room, then; dont keep lady rhoda waiting for her liniment on my account.i ought to be in my ladies rooms by this time.only dont be surprised if, whenever you _are_ free to choose, you find youve come back just too latethats all! [_she turns to leave him._ _spurr._ (_detaining her_).emma, i wont let you go like this! not before youve told me where i can meet you again here._phill._ theres no place that i know ofexcept the housekeepers room; and of course you couldnt descend so low as that.james, theres somebody coming! let go my handdo you want to lose me my character! [_steps and voices are heard at the other end of the passage; she frees herself, and escapes._ _spurr._ (_attempting to follow_).but, emma, stop one shes gone!.confound it, theres the butler and a pageboy coming! its no use staying up here any longer.(_to himself, as he goes downstairs._) its downright _torture_thats what it is! to be tied by the leg in the drawingroom, doing the civil to a lot of girls i dont care a blow about; and to know that all the time some blarneying beggar downstairs is doing his best to rob me of my emma! flesh and blood cant stand it; and yet im blest if i see any way out of it without offending em all round.[_he enters the chinesedrawingroom._ scene xxvii._the chinese drawing room._ _miss spelwane._ at last, mr.spurrell! we began to think you meant to keep away altogether.has anybody told you _why_ youve been waited for so impatiently? _spurr._ (_looking round the circle of chairs apprehensively_).no

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