ye gods and little fishes lamented the other now

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ye gods and little fishes! lamented the other.now we are cooked, for fair.it was bad enough with winters pitching, but now when they put that greenhorn freshie in, well just be a laughing stock, thats all.why doesnt the band play the funeral march? aw, wait and see, said the other.i dont suppose weve got the ghost of a show, but dick trent was telling me of some pretty good stunts this boy wilson has pulled off before this.he was telling me about a race in which wilson drove a car across the tape a winner after a dickens of a grilling race.any fellow thats got nerve enough to drive a racing auto ought to be able to hold his own at baseball or anything else.you just sit tight and dont groan so much, and he may show us something yet.forget it, bill, forget it, returned the other.theyve got our team running, and theyll keep it running, take my word for it.thats right, agreed another, we might as well go home now as to wait for the slaughter.this game is over, right now.hey, look at that! yelled the first speaker, excitedly.there goes wilson into the box.three cheers for wilson, fellows.now! one! two! three! the cheers were given by the faithful fans, but they had given up hope.it was indeed, as the rooter had said, however, and bert was actually being given an opportunity to pitch in a big game, when he had only been with the team a few months! many a pitcher has been a substitute until his junior year, and never had a chance like this one.and, to tell the truth, reddy himself would have been the last one to put what he considered an inexperienced pitcher into the box, if he had had any alternative.now, however, it was a case of having no choice, because he knew that the game was irretrievably lost if winters continued to pitch, so he put bert in as a forlorn hope, but without any real expectation that he would win.as he noticed the confident way in which bert walked to the box, however, he plucked up courage a little, but immediately afterward shook his head.pshaw, he thought, theyve got too big a lead on us.if wilson can only hold them down so that they dont make monkeys of us, it will be more than i have a right to hope.for all berts nonchalant air, however, it must not be thought that he was not excited or nervous.he had had comparatively little baseball experience in such fast company as this.he had learned, however, to keep a cool and level head in times of stress, and he knew that everything depended on this.so he just gritted his teeth, and when he motioned to the catcher to come up and arrange signals, the latter hardly suspected what a turmoil was going on under berts cool exterior.just take it easy, kid, he advised.dont try to put too much stuff on the ball at first, and pitch as though we were only practising back of the clubhouse.dont let those blamed rooters get you nervous, either.take your time before each ball, and well pull through all right.now, just get out there, and show them what youve got.bert took his position in the box, and the umpire tossed him a brand new ball.remembering the catchers advice, he wound up very deliberately, and pitched a swift, straight one square over the middle of the plate.the batsman had expected the greenhorn to try a fancy curve, and so was not prepared for a ball of this kind.one strrrike! yelled the umpire, and the catcher muttered approvingly to himself.the batter, however, took a fresh grip on his bat, and resolved to knock the cover off the next one.bert delivered a wide out curve, and the batter swung hard, but only touched the ball, for a foul, and had another strike called on him.aw, that kids running in luck, he thought.but watch me get to him this time.the next ball bert pitched looked like an easy one, and the batter, measuring its flight carefully with his eye, drew his bat back and swung with all the weight of his body.instead of sending the ball over the fence, however, as he had confidently expected, the momentum of his swing was spent against empty air, and so great was its force that the bat flew out of his hand.three strikes, called the umpire, and amid a riot of cheering from the home rooters the batter gazed stupidly about him.by the great horn spoon, he muttered, under his breath, somebody must have come along and stolen that ball just as i was going to hit it.ill swear that if it was in the air when i swung at it that i would have landed it.as he walked to the bench the captain said, whats the matter with you, al? has the freshie got you buffaloed? aw, nix on that, cap, replied the disgruntled batter.wait until you get up there.either that kids having a streak of luck or else hes got that ball hypnotized.that last one he pitched just saw my bat coming and dodged under it.i think hes got em trained.why, you poor simp, laughed the captain; just wait till i get up there

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