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  In that case, we need to consider Commanders seriously. Jamie Paolinetti mentioned that, Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. Latin Proverb argued that, If the wind will not serve, take to the oars。
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  John Lennon concluded that, Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. As we all know, if it is important, we should seriously consider it。
dont mind em.no danger of that, returned bert, confidently.just watch my smoke for a few minutes, thats all.bert struck out the next batter in three pitched balls, and the clamor from the hostile rooters died down.the next batter was the captain, and he was burning for revenge, but popped a high foul to hinsdale, the catcher, and retired, saying things not to be approved.the third man was struck out after bert had had two balls called on him, and this ended the visitors half of the eighth inning.the home team could make no better headway against the visitors pitching and team work, however, and the inning ended without a tally.the score stood three to two in the visitors favor, and things looked rather dark for the home boys.at the beginning of the ninth the visitors sent a pinch hitter, named burroughs, to the plate to bat in place of al, who by now had an almost superstitious fear of berts delivery, and declared that he couldnt hit anything smaller than a football if that freshie pitched it.burroughs was hampered by no such feelings, however, and, after two strikes had been called on him, he managed to connect with a fast, straight ball and sent it soaring into the outfield.it looked like an easy out, but at the last moment the fielder shifted his position a little too much, and the ball dropped through his fingers.before he could get it in, the runner had reached third base, where he danced excitedly and emitted whoops of joy.bert felt a sinking sensation at his heart, as he realized how much depended on him.the next man up made a clever bunt, and although he was put out, burroughs reached home ahead of the ball, bringing in another run.he was rewarded with a storm of applause from the visiting rooters, and it seemed as though all hope had departed for the home team.with the next batter bert made unsparing use of his fadeaway, and struck him out with little trouble.the third man shared the same fate, but it seemed as though the game were irretrievably lost.a tworun lead in the ninth inning seemed insurmountable, and reddy muttered things under his breath.when the boys came trooping over to the bench, he said, whats the matter with you fellows, anyway? what good does it do for wilson to hold the other team down, if you dont do any stick work to back him up? get in there now, and see if you cant knock out a few runs.a game is never finished until the last half of the ninth inning, and youve got a good chance yet.go to it.every chap on the team resolved to make a run or die in the attempt, and reddy could see that his speech had had some effect.dick was the first batter up, and he selected a heavy wagon tongue and stepped to the plate.the pitcher may have been a little careless, but at any rate dick got a ball just where he wanted it, and swung with all his strength.the ball fairly whistled as it left the bat and dashed along the ground just inside the right foul line.dick sprinted frantically around the bases, and got to third before he was stopped by tom, who had been waiting for him.no further, old sock, said tom, excitedly.that was a crackerjack hit, but you could never have got home on it.gee! if hodge will only follow this up weve got a chance.hodge was a good batter, and he waited stolidly until he got a ball that suited him.two strikes were called on him, and still he waited.then the pitcher sent him a long out curve, and hodge connected with the ball for a safe onebag hit, while dick raced home.it looked bright for the home team now, but the next batter struck out, and although hodge made a daring slide to second, a splendid throw cut him off.sterling was up next, and on the third pitched ball he managed to plant a short drive in left field that got him safely to first base.then it was berts turn at the bat, and a great roar greeted him as he stepped to the plate.win your own game, wilson, someone shouted, and bert resolved to do so, if possible.he tried to figure out what the pitcher would be likely to offer him, and decided that he would probably serve up a swift, straight one at first.he set himself for this, but the pitcher had different ideas, and sent over a slow drop that bert swung at, a fraction of a second too late.strike, called the umpire, and the hostile fans yelled delightedly.the next one bert drove out for what looked like a good hit, but it turned out to be a foul.two strikes, barked the umpire, and some of the people in the grandstand rose as if to leave, evidently thinking that the game was practically over.bert watched every motion of the pitcher as he wound up, and so was pretty sure what kind of a ball was coming.the pitcher was noted for his speed, and, almost at the moment the ball left his hand, bert swung his bat straight from the shoulder, with every ounce of strength he possessed in back of it.there was a sharp crack as the bat met the ball, and the sphere mounted upward and flew like a bullet for the center field fence.as if by one impulse, every soul in the grandstand and bleachers rose to his or her feet, and a perfect pandemonium of yells broke forth.the fielders sprinted madly after the soaring ball, but they might have saved themselves the trouble.it cleared the fence by a good ten feet, and bert cantered leisurely around the bases, and came across the home plate with the winning run.then a yelling, cheering mob swept down on the field, and enveloped the players.in a moment bert and some of the others were hoisted up on broad shoulders, and carried around the field by a crowd of temporary maniacs.it was some time before bert could get away from his enthusiastic admirers, and join the rest of his teammates

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