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as he entered the dressing rooms, reddy grasped his hand, and said, wilson, you have done some great work today, and i want to congratulate you.from now on you are one of the regular team pitchers.thank you, sir, replied bert, but i dont deserve any special credit.we all did the best we could, and that was all anybody could do.so ended the first important game of the season, and berts position in the college was established beyond all question.winters friends made a few halfhearted efforts to detract from his popularity, but were met with such a cold reception that they soon gave up the attempt, and bert was the undisputed star pitcher of the university team.chapter vi the fire gee whiz! im glad i dont have to do this every day, said tom, as he stood, ruefully regarding his trunk, whose lid refused to close by several inches.im jiggered if i see why it should look like that.even with the fellows things, it isnt half as full as it was when i came from home, and it didnt cut up like that.the easter holidays were approaching, and the three guardsmen had received a most cordial invitation from mr.hollis to spend them with him at his home.feeling the strain of the baseball season, the fellows were only too glad of a short breathing spell and had gratefully accepted the invitation.they were looking forward with eager anticipation to the visit.they would not need very much luggage for just a few days stay, so, as tom owned a small steamer trunk, they had decided to make it serve for all three.the fellows had brought their things in the night before and left tom to pack them.tom had heard people say that packing a trunk was a work of time, and had congratulated himself on the quickness and ease with which that particular trunk was packed; but when he encountered the almost human obstinacy with which that lid resisted his utmost efforts, he acknowledged that it wasnt such a cinch after all.after one more ineffectual effort to close it, he again eyed it disgustedly.i cant do a blamed thing with it, he growled, and then catching the sound of voices in dicks room overhead, he shouted: come on in here, fellows, and help me get this apology for a trunk shut.when dick and bert reached him, tom was stretched almost full length on the trunk and raining disgusted blows in the region of the lock.he looked so absurdly funny that the fellows executed a war dance of delight and roared with laughter, and then proceeded to drag tom bodily off the trunk.landing him with scant ceremony on the floor, they proceeded to show the discomfited freshman that a trunk lid with any spirit could not consent to close over an indiscriminate mixture of underwear, pajamas, suits of clothes, collar boxes, and shoe and military brushesmost of these latter standing upright on end.with the brushes lying flat, boxes stowed away in corners, and clothing smoothly folded, the balky trunk lid closed, as tom, grinning sheepishly, declared, meeker a hundred times than moses.this disposed of, and dressed and ready at last, their thoughts and conversation turned with one accord to the delightful fact that mr.hollis was to send the old red scout to take them to his home.the very mention of the name red scout was sufficient to set all three tongues going at once, as, during the halfhour before they could expect the car, they recalled incidents of that most glorious and exciting summer at the camp, when the red scout had been their unending source of delight.do you remember, said tom, the first time we went out in her, when we were so crazy with the delight of it that we forgot everything else, and gave her the speed limit, and came near to having a onceforall smashup? they certainly did.and, said dick, the day we gave poor old biddy harrigan her first artymobile ride.didnt she look funny when the wind spread out that gorgeous red feather? they all laughed heartily at this recollection, but their faces grew grave again as they recalled the time when, the brake failing to work, they rushed over the bridge with only a few inches between them and disaster.that certainly was a close call, said bert, but not so close as the race we had with the locomotive.i sure did think then that our time had come.but, tom broke in, alls well that ends well, and say, fellows, _did_ it end well with us? will you ever forget that wonderful race with the gray ghost? great scott! i can feel my heart thump again as it did that final lap.and that last minute when the blessed old red scout poked her nose over the line_ahead_! and in his excitement tom began forging around the room at great speed, but made a rush for the window at the sound of a familiar toot, tooot.there she is, he announced joyfully, and, taking the stairs three steps at a time, and crossing the campus in about as many seconds, they gave three cheers for the old red scout, which bore them away from college scenes with its oldtime lightning speed.easter was late that year and spring had come early.there had been a number of warm days, and already the springing grass had clothed the earth in its easter dress of soft, tender green.tree buds were bursting into leaf, and in many of the gardens that they passed crocuses were lifting their little white heads above the ground.robins flashed their red and filled the air with music.spring was everywhere! and, as the warm, fragrant air swept their faces they thrilled with the very joy of living, and almost wished the ride might last forever.at last, there is mr.hollis house, the large white one just before us, said the chauffeur, and, so swiftly sped the red scout that almost before the last word was spoken, they stopped and were cordially welcomed by mr.hollis.as they entered the hall they stood still, looked, rubbed their eyes and looked again.then tom said in a dazed way, pinch me, bert, im dreaming.for there in a row on either side of the hall stood every last one of the fellows who had camped with them that nevertobeforgotten summer.bob and frank and jim dawson, ben cooper and dave and charlie adams, andyespeeping mischievously from behind the door, shorty, little shorty! who now broke the spell with: hello, fellows.whats the matter? hypnotized? thenwell it was fortunate for mr.hollis that he was used to boys, and so used also to noise; for such a shouting of greetings and babel of questions rose, that nobody could hear anybody else speak.little they cared.they were all together once more, with days of pure pleasure in prospect.nothing else mattered; and mr

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